COVID-19 Safety measures

Due to Covid-19 we will need to keep 6 ft distance, I will be wearing a mask and ask you do the same while we are setting up for our session of course once you are within a safe range you will remove your mask for your photos ( If your little ones haven't been out it may be best to explain to them a bit so they aren't scared!

I ask PLEASE if you or your children have been feeling sick please rebook, I am more then happy to refund or rebook your session to another day with no rebooking fees! If anyone feels uncomfortable doing the session and even if you are not sick please let me know and I am happy to rebook your session!

I have a lens that is very long in the focal range and will be using this lens for our session. I will be about 10- 15 ft away at all times. I know this may be a bit awkward for new clients and I apologize. I am normally very hands-on and very much a people person so this is awkward for me too. Just know I am only doing this for our protection!

 As a luxury photography brand photographer,  we pride ourselves providing the best finished products. Handmade, archival quality keepsakes that last for generations with a lifetime warranty.  Our knowledgeable artisans use top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to create personalized keepsakes that you will treasure for years to come. All of our products and collections come with corresponding digital images. We realize now more than ever how important it is to digitally have copies to share your story, your memory with family and friends.

What makes the Anne Martin Photography experience unique?

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